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BETWEEN BARACK AND A HARD PLACE: Is President Obama “Too Nice” for America’s Own Good?


“The name ‘Barack Obama’ is about as Black as a name can get. Barack Obama! That’s right next to Dikembe Mutombo! As soon as you hear the name “Barack Obama” you expect to see a brother with a spear standin’ on top of a dead lion! You expect to see the bass player from The Commodores come out! I’m not talkin’ about Lionel Richie, I’m talkin’ about them shiny niggas behind him!” ~Chris Rock


ONE OF MY FACEBOOK FRIENDS was recently complaining about not being able to find a “nice guy” to date. She was actually starting to question what kind of “energy” she was putting out in the universe that was somehow cosmically narrowing her romantic opportunities down to an endless amount of Charlie Sheens. While I sympathized with her situation, I also felt the need to shut down a popular female “talking point” – That women actually want nice guys for something more than just a shoulder to cry on once Charlie pulls up his pants and insensitively walks away through a trail of her salty tears.

Anyway, I simply told her that women don’t want nice guys, they want a guy who’s sharp enough to keep their attention, but smooth enough to not “cut them” in the process. They want PASSION – Which is why they end up giving it up to the “Bad Boys” who are more exciting than the “Good Boys” who have about as much passion as Wolf Blitzer waiting in line at the DMV (on Sunday).

In any case, I finally said: “I honestly don’t believe you want a nice guy since I’m sure you’ve said the often-heard phrase: “He’s a nice guy, BUT…..’”


…And she agreed.

And this is exactly the problem with President Obama – Everyone knows he’s a nice guy, BUT – No one sees him as that “brother with a spear standing on top of a dead lion (or more appropriately, a dead elephant).”


Even John Edwards criticized “Senator” Obama on the Iowa campaign trail back in 2007 when he questioned his “spunk” and said he wouldn’t be able to battle special interests groups in Washington D.C.

“I hear people say you can sit at a table with these people, negotiate with them, and they will volunteer their power away. That is a complete fantasy. You can’t “NICE” these people to death. Special interests will never give their power away. The only way we are going to get their power away is to TAKE their power away from them, and we have an epic fight in front of us. You’d better send somebody into that arena who’s ready for the fight.”

Damn, that’s gotta sting coming from a metrosexual who spends $400 on his haircuts so he can look like a Ken doll…..


Speaking of disgraced adulterers who’ve lost everything, Tiger Woods was turned into an odd “role model” of sorts (courtesy of Bill Maher) for how the Democrats should handle the Republicans:

“The Republicans kept saying things like, the healthcare bill was being “shoved down our throats” or the Democrats were “ramming it through.” The bill was so big they couldn’t take it all at once! And I realized listening to this rhetoric that it reminded me of something – Tiger Woods’ text messages to his mistress where he said, and I quote: “I want to treat you rough, throw you around, spank and slap you and make you sore. I want to hold you down and choke you while I fuck that ass that I own. Then I’m going to tell you to shut the fuck up while I slap your face and pull your hair for making noise.” (Unquote) – And this, I believe, perfectly represents the attitude Democrats should now have in their dealings with the Republican Party: “Shut the fuck up while I slap your face for making noise!”


“The Democrats need to push the rest of their agenda while their boot is on the neck of the greedy, poisonous old reptile. Democrats in America were put on earth to do one thing: drag the ignorant hillbilly half of this country into the next century, which in their case is the 19th.” ~Bill Maher (2010)

But that was last year – Before Obama gave in to the Republicans and extended Bush’s tax cuts (which added $600 billion in lost revenue to the national debt) and before he surrendered once again by letting Eric “Conflict of Interest” Cantor and John Boehner run all over him during the hostage negotiations debt-ceiling fiasco.


Today, Bill seems to echo Ken’s sentiments from 4 years ago…

Tim Wise, activist and author of many brilliant books with equally brilliant titles, says the Obama “cheerleaders” should stop spinning the unspinnable:


“The President has surrendered. This is not “master chess,” or “the art of the possible.” It is capitulation. “The Right” has won, and the nation will suffer for it. He had options. He refused to exercise them – Period. The Democrats have proven they are gutless. They are about to give the GOP a deal that involves no revenue increases and trillions in spending cuts, even though two-thirds of the public want a more mixed approach. These people stand for nothing.” ~Tim Wise


Let’s face it America, President Obama is just too damn soft for our own good.

Say whatever you want about George W. Bush, but he just didn’t give a fuck.


Al Gore got 539,898 more votes than him? Bush stole the Presidency anyway! Saddam Hussein had nothing to do with 9/11 & Iraq had no WMDs?! Bush bombed them anyway! Hurricane Katrina victims need HELP?!? Bush doesn’t even know what you’re talking about!

Seriously – Bush could have started a war with Canada and gotten away with it. He would have even had a slogan that would rally up the troops…..


And instantly, 70% of Americans (in corporate/televised polls) would automatically be down with that bullshit………………


It might sound crazy, but Barack could learn a LOT from George – Like how to be a ruthless asshole who points at people.


Aiiiiight Barack, you got the idea, but lower your finger and lose the corny ass smile…..


Okay, I love the finger, but that damn smile is still trying to sneak out…..


What the FUCK!?! NOOOOO DAMMIT!!! Why are you playing golf with John Boehner!? And what the hell are you pointing at anyway!?! Is that your DIGNITY over there?!?!


YES!!!!!!!!!!! That’s the ONE!!! Point ‘em OUT! Mean mug on them fools!!!


That’s RIGHT! Make your RAPPER homies point at ‘em! MOVE, BITCH!!! Get out the WAY!!!!!!!


OH SHIT!!! You got beats, son? You got BEATS!?!?!

FUCK YEAH!!!!!!!!!! POP A CAP IN THAT NIGGA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


(Uh…….. I mean………. Hold up a second……)

Look Mr. President, all I’m trying to say is that you need to fight for “The People” the same exact way George W. Bush fought for millionaires and billionaires. Your party runs two-thirds of the government and outnumbers the Republicans by 17 million more registered voters in the electorate. Contrary to Republican Propaganda popular belief, America is NOT a “conservative” country…..


…..So you have NO excuse for expanding their wars, continuing their tax cuts, co-signing their warped policies, or alienating your base, just to pander to people who only want to see you (and America) FAIL.


But to be fair, I have considered the fact that since you are the “Jackie Robinson” of Presidents, you may be enduring extreme elements of psychological torment far beyond the average man’s realm of comprehension that inexplicably forces you to do dumb shit on occasion.

And yes, it’s also quite possible that you’re “strategizing” by following “The 48 Laws Of Power” (LAW 45: “Preach the need for change, but never reform too much at once”) or simply using the Pseudo-Machiavellian tactic of keeping your friends close while keeping your enemies closer – But, if you and John Boehner (The Republican Speaker of the House) get any “closer” I’ll be expecting a joint announcement from you two saying you’re having a baby through a surrogate.

Just remember Mr. President – The same Republicans that you’re trying to “NICE” to death…..


….are constantly plotting to KILL your career.


But unfortunately, I’m beginning to believe that your constant “bi-partisanship” goes beyond “being nice” – At this point, it’s clearly a case of one of three circumstances: Either you’re ignorant (and don’t realize that you’re only losing votes), you’re impotent (and too weak & scared to fight back) or you’re IN ON IT (and intentionally selling out everyone who voted for you and your country in the process).

Only time will tell…..


“Mr. President, it is beyond admirable in your position and at this time of fearful division in this country that you view yourself as president of everyone, not as your predecessor did, only as the president just of those who voted for you – But you must at long last come to terms of the fact that you spent the first 18 months and one day of your presidency bending over backwards for the other people, and they have spent the same time insisting that you are not actually president, or you are a communist (or a socialist) – Mr. President, please stop trying to act, every minute, like some noble, neutral figure chairing a government of equal and dispassionate minds and contemplated scholars. It’s a freaking WAR out here!” ~Keith Olbermann



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  1. Then again, at least he’s not Rick Perry… :-/

  2. Tragic, but SO true. Diplomacy is always in order, but only where it is appreciated, respected and well received. He did seem to have a bit of a problem asserting his executive powers. I think it came from the struggle between doing the job and still “rising above” the trash. Re-election was too much of a priority, and he came off pollyanic, all things considered.

  3. Ooooh how I hate to admit it but it’s just so true. I hate that I was right….. I tryed to tell everyone but nooo ya’ll wanted a black president more than you wanted a Clinton. I said: he’s a dreamer! He’s nieve! He’s too idealistic! He has no allies, their going to eat him alive………..well, there you go people. I hope you learned something, don’t judge people by the color of their skin but by the content of their character/experiance. He’s a really nice guy that wasn’t ready to be president.

  4. Steve Spell Aug 31st 2011

    The President needs somebody to do that dirty work for him! I’m on it! I’m gonna sink my party so that Obama takes the White House! My party betrayed the Business Community just to undermine this president! I wont stop until 29 Republican Governors feel the axe of Justice! Politically Speaking you got to be brutal against my party. Let me do that sir!!! Obama need not get dragged down in the mud! I’m a down and dirty Bayou boy from the south! I’m getting in Rick Perry and Bobby Jindal’s face! My heart rages against the corrupt political machine that has become my party!

  5. Mayo O Rocco Aug 31st 2011

    He’s just like the rest of the dems and reps! Elitists who have sold out our nation…..

  6. Stephen Guidry Aug 31st 2011

    He is a fundamentally nice guy that has been that his entire life and has had to win over people with his intellect and his warm personality to succeed. He came to Washington confident that he could use the same tactics that he has used to go to the best schools and excel in an environment where he was the penultimate outsider. No way you become the editor of the Harvard Law Review without tremendous intellect and the ability to work with people that fundamentally did not agree with him.

    I think he is frustrated as president because he under-estimated the opposition’s desire to undermine his presidency. I think he was genuinely surprised when the Republicans took a position that would hurt the country and send it into a second recession on the debt ceiling vote just to undermine his presidency. I think he can still be successful and lay the foundations for a genuine recovery before election day next year.

  7. Tiffanie Sep 1st 2011

    Sad but true. My bf and I have had this discussion before. How is it that we see what the Republicans are doing to him, but he doesn’t? He’s doing exactly what they want him to so that he won’t get that next term. i know TOO many ppl who feel they wasted their vote on him and say they won’t vote next year. I REALLY hope he opens his eyes, puts his testicles back in his sack and becomes the president he lead us to believe he was. He can have all the “swagger” in the world, but “swagger” has never been in the white house and therefor, holds no merit there. He charmed the shit out of us to get him elected, then left us hanging. What happened to the change he was supposed to bring?

  8. Obama is a brilliant man.. Even with all of this ridiculous hand holding, I stand behind him. So I’m trying to trust that he has his *reasons* but damn, what could they be….I bet Boehner & his boys are just crackin’ the fuck up about how he punked him out. More than once I have found myself thinking *Obama you better not give in*.. I just want him to go gangsta on folks like Bush used to…There were two occasions when he actually followed through: When he said *fuck you* to the idiots about his birth certificate & when he put holes in Bin Laden………Pretty boy Edwards nailed it. “The only way we are going to get their power away is to TAKE their power away from them, and we have an epic fight in front of us. You’d better send somebody into that arena who’s ready for the fight.”…

  9. Unfortunately I don’t have much to say about this topic. You pretty much summed up how I’ve been feeling about him for a while now when you stated >>>>>”At this point, it’s clearly a case of one of three circumstances: Either you’re ignorant (and don’t realize that you’re only losing votes), you’re impotent (and too weak & scared to fight back) or you’re IN ON IT (and intentionally selling out everyone who voted for you and your country in the process).”

    As proud as we are/were to have our first Black president, at the end of the day it’s all politics. You will not ascend to such a high figure-head position without an allowance from “the powers that be”. So yes, either he was naive and really believed he would be able to bring about such radical change without realizing he’d be the pawn that would take the heat for any and everything that went wrong, is going wrong and will go wrong or he is a perfectly disguised agent. Then there is the possibilty that he’s trying to play it safe as possible to get a second turn and then go HAM. But as you stated, only time will tell and his possibilities for the latter seem to be becoming dim. Quite a few layers to my thoughts on this. I don’t really speak about it publicly but I owe you my first born. Lol. Thanks for the article. Great read.

  10. Keith Africano Sep 4th 2011

    Obama has to be the non-threatening negro that he is….if you want to know what happens to a black man in office who is brazen and unapologetic write Kwame Kilpatrick a letter in the pen….he’ll tell you. From the start of his campaign, he had to render himself non-threatening and market that image to make people comfortable enough with him to vote for him and even like him. He can never seem overly aggressive or lose his cool….lest he be subject to a number of “angry black man” stereotypes and make his constituency very uncomfortable and give fox news tons of material to play on their audiences racial resentment and further alienate him from middle America. Even as commander in chief, Obama knows his place….which is sad. Others know his place too, this is why Joe Wilson stood up in the middle of his speech and told him he was a liar…he put Obama’s ass in check, cuz Obama was “forgetting his role”. Chase, if you think for one second that Obama could get away with doing half the shit Bush did, I implore you to reconsider the racial aspect of his presidency. Kwame Kilpatrick said “I believe (my demeanor) did run a foul with a lot of people because they were used to their leadership , especially the African-American leaders being more docile and asking them for permission to do things.” Even if you’re in charge, you’re still a ___ . That’s the way they see it, they will remind you of your place if they feel you are getting too big for your britches. They rendered Kwame Kilpatrick financially and politically impotent for getting too big for his britches (the affair was merely their excuse). Obama knows they can and will do the same to him…so he tries to make everyone happy. I mean, Obama has been publicly and personally disrespected by a number of people who are under his command from members of congress to his own general. That is unheard of for an American President. He’s not respected….the same thing that made people comfortable enough not to be afraid of him (and his blackness) is the same thing that makes them think it’s okay to disrespect him.

  11. Well. Well. Well. *reminiscing about our convos during the primaries waaaaaay back in the day on Myspace*

  12. Pepper Sep 11th 2011

    Obama needs to take a stronger stand against these tea party “r” tards already. Catering to them makes him seem much weaker (even though we know he’s not) and doesn’t show that he’s standing with the people that voted him into office. John Boehner can suck it, and it would please me greatly if Obama told him so.

  13. Chase, I voted for Obama. He is educated/smart/intelligent & very charismatic. However, he can’t do it by himself. I’m sorry, but I think racism is “flying below the radar” with folks blackballing almost everything Obama has tried to do. Too many are still trying to do “the white thing” & not “the right thing”. I would like to see him get a 2nd term, but I don’t think it is going to happen. AND, I am starting to believe it doesn’t matter who holds the office of the President. It seems like that office doesn’t hold the real power. The folks with the money are the ones running this country whether those folks hold politicial office or not.

  14. Chase, it took 8 years to fuck up this country. It’s gonna take a minute to put it right. We knew President Obama wasn’t going to wave a magic wand and make it all go away. Things always get worse before they get better. But it is nice not having a dickhead in the White House. As far as his ‘being too nice’, maybe, but he keeps getting cock blocked with everything he tries to turn around. I’m not saying I’m not a little disappointed. But our children’s, children’s, children will be suffering the consequences of the mess Bush/Cheney created.

  15. Yes & NO! check my FB page. You had me rollin’ w/the intro. I can not say I approve of the language but you are on point. Your msg always invoke the intellectual…most certainly something to think about. It is certainly a gift. & I love the fact that you shared comments from an American Astrophysicist Dr. Neil deGrasse Tyson. Which shows that you can be brilliant and real at the same time. One of my favorite persons. God has bless him and his wonderful family & OUR President Barack Obama and his wonderful family. God Bless America!

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