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BREAKING NEWS: Houston’s Tap Water is Contaminated with Radiation (and Fluoride)


Remember when they were telling us to drink 8 glasses of (tap) water a day? Ummm yeah, you might not wanna do that….. :-/

BTW: Just some journalistic advice for future reference - It would be kinda nice if more than one channel (a HUGE thank you to KHOU, Channel 11) would tell us that our *drinking* water is poisoning us.

Just a thought,

“…..The KHOU Investigative Team has uncovered a *conspiracy* of the highest order.”

KHOU NEWS: A Matter of Risk: Radiation, Drinking Water, and Deception

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  1. CHASE Feb 9th 2012

    NOTE: Fluoride is also *added* to every tap water supply in the United States. Ask yourself why an admitted *poison* is allowed in our *drinking* water when even the directions on the back of our toothpaste tubes (I use a non-fluoridated brand btw) tell you not to swallow it, and to call the “Poison Control Center” if you do.

  2. As if I needed a reason to avoid it, here is ANOTHER reason to stay the hell out of Texas. What the FUCK is wrong with those people, anyway? They REALLY think that “natural radiation” is less hazardous than man made radiation? Good Lord, is THIS what being a bible munching moron is really about?

    Add this to the fact that Texas has more people without any health care than any other state and you have a big disaster waiting to happen. NOTE TO COUNTRY: THIS is what it looks like when your gov’t is owned and run by business. It’s “too expensive” for them to keep themselves from poisoning you for decades at a time, your health be damned. And we wonder why cancer is such a prominent threat to us in this country.

    Texas, you keep voting to put these scum bags in power, and THIS is how they treat you. You give them power, and they POISON you and your kids. You know, the loss of the American dream won’t mean much in Texas, since none of your kids are going to live long enough to see it either happen or fail. They will be long dead from the cancer they get from your water. WAY TO GO! Keep voting republican, and you’re SURE to get more of this top level shafting.

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